About Us

About You

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed or grieving for your loved one and unsure where to start?

Have you hit a brick wall and need results now? You’ve got deadlines popping up everywhere…at work, at home and now this project to deal with?

You don’t want to spend your weekends or vacation or down time addressing this project when your time is more valuable than to spend it sorting, organizing, packing, finding resources to help with all the details. Are you thinking about all the things you’d rather be doing or feel you should be doing?

Look no further, we can help.

About Me

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Soraiya and you have landed on the site I’ve called home for the last 20 plus years. As someone who cares about grammar, you will notice that most of this website uses the pronoun “we”. When you work with POSabilities, more often than not, you will be greeted with a team of expert organizers, estate administrators, and multiple industry experts who I call the “Team”. However, looking at the inception of this company, it’s my baby and I thought I would tell you my story, as I hope one day you will tell me yours.

Growing up, Mom always emphasized “things must go back in their place” – while I often didn’t know the “place”, I certainly learned quickly the “place” had to be found or there would be consequences. And to be honest, I owe my love for organizing to my Mom as for the past 20 something years, I have been helping my clients find their things.

My business name means a lot to me and so does the methodology behind it. First and foremost, I believe anything is possible: POSabilities. Second: Prioritize, Organize, Systemize – without prioritizing what we need or want, how can we organize and create systems in our lives to reflect that?

I am passionate about what I do and continue to learn and grow from each experience, as each client is different and their stories are different. Working is my livelihood and I look forward to each experience to make things easier for people who are looking for a streamlined path.

What can you expect when you work with POSabilities?

The POSabilities Team shares the same core values of respect, kindness, non-judgmental and professional in every way. We also work with a team of industry experts including designers, custom storage makers, contractors, appraisers, auction managers, removal services and other professionals, all of whom share the same level of client commitment and core values.

Experience that matters

20+ years has cultivated a process that has been effective and continues to be dynamic to help your unique situation.

As your problem solving partner, we provide Customized Solutions, based on you and your circumstance.

Additionally, we provide Project Management such as documenting & executing objectives & strategies based on your needs and timelines.

Finally, the experience you encounter with POSabilities is circumventing any situation that arises to meet those overall needs… such as moving in the snow!

Education, Work and
Volunteer Experience

As a true Vancouverite, I attended Douglas “College”, Simon Fraser University and BCIT and studied psychology, business and marketing. I worked in a financial planning firm where I gained countless skills and furthermore have spent endless hours volunteering in many capacities from social welfare, counseling and education.

Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) is the association I am affiliated with and am an active Silver and Gold Leaf member and served as the BC Chapter Chair and Director of Membership on the National Board. I received the POC Ambassador Award in 2012 and the POC Harold Taylor Award in 2016 and earned the POC Trained Professional Organizer (TPO) designation in 2007.

As an active and engaged member of my association,
I am governed by a code of ethics and believe in growing the industry at every level from leadership to mentoring to volunteering in the community.

Giving back to the Community

I have always volunteered and was raised that belonging to a community is through volunteering. I learned skills such as project management and developing needs assessment and today these are the foundation to serving my clients.

For over 25 years, I have assisted with charitable projects and continue to do so as my business goal is to give back when I can, so if you or someone you know is in need, try me, I might be in a position where I can help.

POSabilities is Green?

If downsizing or de-cluttering is one of your organizing objectives, POSabilities gives you all the green options to make sure your things are dealt with in a responsible manner. We can help you sell or donate your items to a charity of your choice, or make sure your unusable items are recycled.