Organizing Tips & Traps

This is a list of top tips coupled with the sort of corresponding debilitating thoughts that may be hampering your efforts to get organized. Check this out before you begin your organizing project.

Trap: You feel like you need to finish the whole project at once. You are overwhelmed from the beginning, or worse, you never start.

Tip: On any big project, start small. Do one room or area at a time or, better yet, just do one drawer.
Trap: Too many things need to be done. You feel like you never accomplish anything.

Tip: Create a list of achievable tasks and check them off. Reward yourself after each one.
Trap: Organizing feels like work. You can't get motivated, even with the help of a double latté.

Tip: Pair up a difficult project with something fun. If you have to sort some paperwork, do it while watching your favourite TV program or movie. Warning: do not do this with a good movie you've not seen before; you'll forget to look at your paperwork. Fun music works, too.
Trap: You are too embarrassed to ask for help.

Tip: Get your whole office, friends, or family involved in a project. Team work creates momentum and helps you get the job done quickly. Only 25% of the population is naturally organized, you are not the only one.
Trap: Find a reputable book or podcast and follow their organizing systems to the letter.

Tip: Create your own systems. Be dynamic: do a few tasks and monitor yourself. Find what's working now and go from there.
Trap: Too many things need to be done. You feel like you never accomplish anything.

Tip: Create a list of achievable tasks and check them off. Reward yourself after each one.
Trap: Purchase trendy organizing products and expect magical results.

Tip: Create systems, then find products that will enhance these systems. Example: get an in-box tray or file holder.
Trap: Get organized or hire a professional organizer because you should.

Tip: Organize because YOU see the benefits. If you are having trouble buying into the process, don't start. Talk it over; get more information. It's not worth the time or money if you are not willing to commit to the process. Commitment is key to being organized.
Trap: Keep everything. You might use it one day.

Tip: Assess your belongings on a regular basis. If you haven't used something for more than six months, consider donating it to a local charity. Keep donation bins on hand to help remind you and the family to remove items frequently.
Trap: You put off writing greeting cards and making phone calls because it takes too long to find addresses and phone numbers.

Tip: Put all your contact information into one place whether an address book, a Roledex, or computer database or phone. Use what works for you and your family or office.
Trap: Life is boring without some chaos. You keep reacting to the mess instead of controlling it.

Tip: Take time each day to think about what is important to you, make some goals. Plan your day so you are advancing towards your goals.
Trap: Moving is the most stressful event and you don’t know where to start.

Tip: Like any big project, moving needs to be broken down into chunks and then attached to a timeline so you don’t feel like you are leaving everything until the last minute. Did you know with our consultation, even if you don’t engage our services, we will send you a Moving Services Project Plan customized to your move.

Trap: Your elderly loved one needs to be moved into a nursing facility and you don’t know how to go about this process.

Tip: Take it one step at a time. This is never an easy situation from an emotional standpoint, let alone dealing with the organization of your loved one’s things and eventually the home that needs to be sold. The number one priority is to help your loved one through the transition in their new surroundings. Number two: list all the: packing items for storage, selling items, removing or donating items, repairing and staging the home for sale. Contact us and we can help create a plan customized for you and If you are not in the same city as your loved one, POSabilities works with remote services to help this transitional process.

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