Organizers have a sense of humor too, so please have fun and assess your habits with our Organizing Questionnaire. If you have a funny organizing story or comment, please feel free to e-mail us and we would be happy to share it - we won't publish your name upon request.

Organizing Questionnaire

Please click on the response that describe you best. At the end, your results will be tallied and scored. Have fun.

  1. When the mail comes, what do you do?
    Pay all bills immediately and file any important documents.
    Put it into a pile to be opened at some point in the future.
    Throw it away. If it is important, someone will call.
    Give it to your child for coloring paper.
  2. Where do you keep your paperwork?
    Filed in labeled folders.
    On your desk until you deal with it.
    On the dining room table that holds the overflow from your desk.
    Under that unsteady table leg.
  3. Where do you normally keep your car keys?
    On a hook by the garage door.
    In your jacket pocket.
    On the desk, kitchen table, piano - any flat surface will do.
    Locked inside the car.
  4. Where do you keep your clothing?
    Neatly hung up in your closet and folded in your drawers.
    One basket for clean laundry, one basket for dirty.
    Categorized neatly on the floor.
    Any available space, ie: draped on a chair, bathroom shower rod, kitchen table, back seat of car.
  5. When booking an engagement do you...
    Consult your PDA or day timer.
    Check the calendar in the kitchen.
    Ask your spouse for your schedule.
    Call the 1-900 psychic line.
  6. How long does it take you to find that work project that was due last week?
    Less than a minute: it is file neatly in your desk organizer.
    Under 5 minutes: it's under your pile of completed projects.
    By the end of the day: you know it's in the office somewhere.
    What project?
  7. How many cars can you park in your 3-car garage?
    3 cars and you have ample storage systems.
    2 cars and the other stuff needs to be sorted.
    1 car and your spouse complains about parking on the street.
    We refer to it as the other closet.
  8. Your company has many employees, but seems to be working inefficiently. You immediately:
    Hire a human resource analyst to assess your situation and come up with solutions to streamline your resources and processes.
    Organize more management meetings.
    Ask everyone to fill out a job questionnaire and then realize that you don't have the time to look at them.
    Fire the next person that walks through your door.
  9. You are moving your office to your home the first thing you do is:
    Measure your space and find appropriate furniture.
    Find whatever table and chair that are not being used in the home.
    Use the kitchen table and ask clients not to call during meal times.
    You don't need to worry about it because the lease to the office is good for 2 more days.
  10. What best describes your storage space, attic or garage?
    Labeled boxes on shelving units.
    Boxed unidentifiable things.
    We keep everything that we don't want company to see in there.
    We haven't seen grandma since we put away the Christmas decorations.